Why Lawyers with family law cases are switching to Mediation

Save time and money

More and more attorneys are switching to mediation because it allows you take on more cases with less obstacles that court cases inherently have. Better scheduling, communication with lawyers families and mediator versus a judge this has been the latest trend of late. Add to it that it’s private and not visible to the public, many high net worth families are being told by their personal wealth advisors it’s the only way to go.

Can spousal support be modified if the receiving spouse becomes disabled?

Families prefer it


78% of families were glad they used mediation or wished they did. The flexibility, collaboration and keeping discovery away from public eyes are just a few of the things that has made the shift to mediation more prevalent in recent years.

Client Profiles and how to target them.

With the trend of these types of clients being told to use mediation you can market to them to get their business AND all of the other legal work they come with. [insert high profile business video here].

Family Mediation
Can visitation rights be enforced by the court
Can a parent modify visitation without court approval
Can grandparents seek visitation if the child is living with one parent and not the other
Family Law Mediation LA

Save time and money and take more cases while reaching preferred client types that make more money.
Get seen as an expert in Family Law Mediation!

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